Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 November 2021

Israeli military bugs phone calls en masse – reports

The Israeli military has reportedly bugged all mobiles and phones imported into Gaza and actively monitors the mobile networks operating in the occupied territories to find “pressure points” used to blackmail Palestinians.

At any given time, hundreds of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops are listening in on phone conversations in the West Bank and Gaza, a former member of the IDF’s ‘Unit 8200’ signals intelligence corps told the Middle East Eye news outlet.

The unidentified corpsman claimed that all mobiles and phones imported into Gaza through the southern Kerem Shalom crossing are implanted with an Israeli bug. Similarly, anyone making use of the occupied areas’ only two operational mobile networks – Jawwal and Wataniya – is apparently under surveillance.

Besides monitoring politically active Palestinians and potential security threats, Israel’s Shin Bet internal security service reportedly conducts an additional level of audio monitoring to identify adulterers and homosexuals who can be “pressured” to join its network of informants.

This is an entire world in which the Shin Bet can acquire power over Palestinians that ultimately forces them to collaborate or reveal things about other people, and it is all part of the system of control.

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