Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 15 November 2021

Crime Rises as Police Quit the Force due to the Vaccine Mandate, so Who Will Replace Them?

Many officers have either left the force voluntarily or forcefully due to the vaccine mandate, so who is going to protect citizens? America doesn’t want thugs replacing cops, but with more cops quitting, more criminals are roaming free. Cities need to hire new police with some areas requiring hundreds, but the question is where are they going to find candidates and who will want to join with the insane mandates? Future applicants may need only one qualification – vaccination, and to receive boosters as required. The Biden administration is spending billions to hire new police, but Americans should be concerned as to who will compose the new force and where their values lie. The risk is the United States may have its own version of Sturmabteilung aka Brownshirts like in Nazi Germany, who will obey every command without question. Will these new officers forcefully inject vaccines in people?

While living in Atlantic City, I met a former cop who was working as the gate-man at the apartment complex I was in. I’ll refer to him as Gil, his nickname. Gil immigrated to England from Jamaica, and then to the United States where he joined the army. After that he worked in the DEA. Gil showed me a picture taken when his team made a major bust. In the photo, you could see the guys posing with all the drugs and money lying all over the place. However, Gil soon learned how things really went down on the force. He saw his fellow officers grab some money because in their mind they earned it. When they asked him about what he was going to take, Gil said he took a candy. Back at the office, one of his colleagues asked whether he believed whatever officer so and so said on the official report for the drug bust. Gil replied that whatever is found in the investigation should provide the accurate information.

The other officer then said, “Oh yea Gil? Well then, maybe you shouldn’t be working here.”

It was then Gil began contemplating his place on the force. He told me of other stories of his partner stopping people on the road and would then ask them to step out of their car. While they were waiting, the cop planted drugs in their vehicle and would bust them. This is something known as “flaking”. I found that hard to believe, but it’s not the first time I heard of such a thing. Rumors of cops wanting to make their quota are common knowledge among American citizens, however nobody can really prove it or rather wants to do anything in court. Hearing it from a former cop face to face and not reading it on the internet opened my eyes even more. Sure, there is the possibility that Gil made these stories up to impress me or for entertainment sake, but I don’t see the logic in lying about that, especially by a former cop and army veteran with two master’s degrees. He also told me that his partner committed suicide because he got caught with a prostitute.

Genuine cops are out there who want to help, but their numbers have dwindled over the years and now they’re leaving in droves. Most cops are not walking the streets looking for trouble. It’s not like they get up in the morning and say, “Oh boy, whose ass am I gonna kick today?” They’d rather prefer a quite day so they can go back to their families. There are cops who really care and want to protect citizens, but then there are bad apples on the force. The mandates however, are about getting rid of those with a free mind while retaining sheep who’ll fall in line. A police force is needed who understands the constitution and American values, not to pledge allegiance to a corrupt administration.

Over the years, we have seen the police cater to politics allowing domestic terrorists like Black Lives Matters and Antifa to get away with violence. Cops are virtually handcuffed by the chains of political correctness. Some Americans believe the police protect the establishment, not citizens. With the way things are shaping up, that may be more truer then one would like to admit.

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