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Invasion of the body snatchers – Immortal parasites discovered in ‘Covid’ vaccines

Over 3 billion people worldwide have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Many citizens  eagerly rolled up their sleeves without question under the false promise of a return to  ‘normal’. Despite an alarming spike in adverse reactions and suspicious deaths, so called experts insist the inoculations are safe. Humorously, the very same advocates  cannot list the ingredients contained in these shots since pharmaceutical companies  closely guard all confidential patents. However, these measures do not deter some  inquisitive researchers. Countless scientists are performing detailed examinations of the  mRNA elixir. What they discovered has left them completely horrified and gravely  concerned for injected individuals. 

Franc Zalewski, a doctor from Poland, was perturbed by the findings of his colleagues.  Some publicly stated they detected concerning contents in the jabs including  nanoparticles, synthetic fibers, and toxic substances. Dr. Carrie Madej had recently  revealed she observed ‘self-aware’ creatures within Moderna doses. Zalewski wanted to  verify the validity of such claims and obtained five vials of Pfizer’s Comirnaty  concoction. Initially, his microscopic analysis showed nothing anomalous. Yet as the  study progressed, things took a bizarre turn. Inspection of the remaining samples  revealed something straight from a science fiction movie. Swimming amid the manmade  fluid was an organism he dubbed The Thing. 

An Immortal Parasite 

Staring back at the Slavic investigator was something nearly beyond comprehension. It  appeared to be a Hydra Vulgaris— an immortal carnivore related to jellyfish. Hydrideas  have incredible regenerative abilities and do not appear to age. Three tentacle-like legs  dangled from the mysterious small-headed bloodsucker. Several experiments were  

conducted on the aquatic specimen. Dr. Zalewski determined the tiny beast was  comprised of aluminum, carbon, and bromine. Organic biological beings are void of  metallic compounds. The peculiar invertebrate was synthetic and not a naturally  occurring life form. Someone intentionally inserted these parasites into the coronavirus  immunizations. 

Invading Their Host 

Disturbed by newly uncovered information, the steadfast detective continued to probe  for answers. While evaluating another batch he noticed microscopic eggs and carefully  extracted them. Since graphene was detected in other tested solutions, Zalewski  decided to see what would happen if he combined these eggs with the single-atom  allotrope. To simulate body heat and to attempt incubation, the petri dish was warmed.  Within a short period, the cells activated. Heads and tails quickly formed and the  embryos developed at an astonishing rate. By the fourth day, the mini hydras began  spawning. Suddenly they multiplied exponentially and formed an entire colony of cloned  offspring.  

A Sleeping Predator 


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