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Extracts from “Pandemic Diary of a Frontline Lawyer for the Elderly” – Part Four

I spoke to a lady called Jaclyn Dunne at the back end of April after seeing a video she did on Facebook. She is the furthest from a conspiracy theorist you can get. I think she is a natural health provider. Her video resonated with me so much, and it was so good to hear someone say what I feel, in such a measured way.

I asked to speak to her as I was thinking about contacting a barrister called Francis Hoar who I had seen on youtube discussing the new regulations the Govt have put out. He seems pretty convinced they are ultra vires so I told Jaclyn I wanted to discuss the possibility of a Judicial Review with him.

To be honest I was nervous about this. I don’t know the guy and this area of law is way outside my knowledge. But speaking to Jaclyn gave me courage, and I bit the bullet.

When I called Francis it transpired he was already in the process of putting papers together for a JR on behalf of a guy called Simon Dolan. It is crowd funded so we agreed that myself and Jaclyn would give the case some coverage to bolster the crowd funding. Evidently it could cost as much as £1M. I was shocked to say the least.

I did say to Francis that my concern is around mandatory vaccines. He was dismissive of this. He said to me it is unlikely that anyone will have a vaccine as they have tried for years to make a coronavirus one, and never succeeded as the trials failed, and the animals died. I remain unconvinced, but didn’t push this further with him.

Work has been horrendous. The deaths have started piling up. I don’t believe any are of Covid and I have plenty of evidence that this is just being put on the death certificates as a guess. Apparently that’s “allowed” now.

On 1st May I got a call from a care home, PH, in the local area, to tell me that one of my client’s there, T”, had died at around 7.15am that morning. I spoke to a nurse called “K” and she told me that PH had organised to have T’s body immediately removed from the nursing home after death, (to the wrong funeral home I might add), as the death had been classified as “Covid 19”. I was so angry about the removal I was beyond words. How dare they!

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