Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 9 November 2021

EU Refusing to Disclose Secret Big Pharma Contract Deals Covering ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines

A group of concerned parliamentarians in Europe is putting on blast the highly corrupt European Commission for big pharma to “run roughshod over democracy.

In order to allegedly “protect the health of their constituents” from the covid pandemic, European Union (EU) leaders in Brussels purchased millions of batches of covid-19 vaccine from various drug companies without any oversight by actual lawmakers.

In fact, the people Europeans “elected” to represent them were kept out of the deals entirely. Only the Commission, which is not elected, knew what was contained in the secret contracts that were signed with pharmaceutical companies.

According to RT, entire pages of these documents – of the few that have actually been released – are heavily redacted. It is clear that there are individuals who do not want the public to know what was done behind closed doors.

Numerous European leaders, including Romania MEP Cristian Terhes are concerned and want answers. Joining several others who want answers, Terhes spoke at a recent press conference expressing serious concerns about the situation.

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