Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 7 November 2021

Let children give gutless GPs a taste of their own medicine

WHEN Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty announced on September 13 that, in spite of the JCVI’s advice, children would be eligible (read eligible for coercion) for vaccination against Covid-19, Public Health England’s guidebook for vaccines and vaccination protocol (the Green Book, chapter 14a) at the time stated:

‘Children under 16 years of age, even if they are CEV [clinically extremely vulnerable], are at low risk of serious morbidity and mortality, and, given the absence of safety and efficacy data on the vaccine, are not recommended for vaccination.’ (Page 24)

Public Health England is now known as the UK Health Security Agency and has updated the Green Book (equivalent paragraph now on page 26). It omits that recommendation, yet fails to provide any accompanying update to the safety evaluation of Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine. The issue of the ‘absence of safety and efficacy data’ as it relates to under-16s has simply been erased, and replaced with Whitty’s recommendation that vaccination will ‘help avoid school absences and disruption to face-to-face education’.

The Green Book is supposedly an important piece of public health literature, produced by government bodies and to be adhered to by medical practitioners for the protection of the public. That it now officially contains provision for a biological vaccination of children against school absence is disturbing to say the least. Needless to say no such provision exists for the MMR vaccine.

A dangerous precedent has been set, one in which the State can now experiment with the boundaries of what is fast becoming an accepted form of governance underpinned by a condescending and tyrannical ‘only we know what is best for your health’ philosophy: a method whereby the public are encouraged to mass-medicate themselves against the invented psychological and sociological problems delivered via the Trojan horse of an equally invented, or inflated, biological threat. In short, ‘approved’ authoritarian quackery.

The bulk of the UK healthcare sector, and GPs in particular, appear to find nothing sinister about this at all. On a macro level yes, there are various alliances of healthcare professionals pushing back, and long may they continue to do so, but it is on a micro level that we really should have witnessed more vocal resistance from our GPs by now.

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