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‘Biden’ (The Cult) Says Children’s Covid-19 Vaccination Program Will be “Fully Operational” by November 8th

The United States is only days away from the Biden regime rolling out the Covid-19 vaccination program for children as young as five.

The plan is to mass vaccinate children with covid jabs containing whatever it is these non-vaccine contain. Doing this, the Biden regime insists, will help to “flatten the curve” and supposedly get the failing economy back up and running as “normal.”

Jeff Zients, Biden’s White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator announced in a press briefing that the federal government now has enough supply of the Pfizer covid vaccine to inject all 28 million eligible children with them. The first 15 million doses are currently being shipped to paediatric offices, hospitals and pharmacies in anticipation of the rollout.

Zients said: “This will give parents a broad range of options to get their kids vaccinated and ensure all children, including those without primary care doctors – those most at risk – have easy and convenient access to vaccines. He noted that each state is allowed to choose where to send new supplies of the vaccine each week.

The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) unanimous authorisation of the vaccines late last week served as the “trigger” to begin the packing and shipping process, Zients said.

It seems as though the vaccines were already ready and waiting and that the Biden regime knew full well that they would be authorised.

Whilst it will take some time for the vaccines to be delivered and reach their final destinations, Biden and his team is confident that millions of the jabs will make it into children’s arms in the coming days.

“We’ve been planning and preparing for this moment and are ready to execute, pending CDC’s decision,” Zients said. “And starting the week of November 8, our vaccination program for kids ages five through 11 will be running at full strength.”

A recent survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that around 27 percent of parents with children between the ages of five through 11 are planning to get their young children injected “right away” once the vaccines are made available.

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