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Pfizer’s Immoral History

It surely is a turn of events that we now find the traditional right-wing sector of the American populace expressing doubt and skepticism regarding Big Pharma, specifically their role and aggressive marketing in the Great Vaccination Campaign of 2021.

Since the traditional left-wing sector of the media is neglecting to cover some historical events that have led us to this present-day skepticism and distrust, I thought it important to make a record, and will focus this article on the many abuses of Pfizer Inc., the only company whose vaccine is currently FDA-approved.

It is a well-known trope among practitioners of natural medicine that Western medicine does not treat causes, but symptoms. The problem with this model is that the patient is prescribed a laundry list of pharmaceuticals which treat the various symptoms of a disease, but also causes others, and also does nothing about the underlying reason behind the disease. Western medicine has a tendency to create a dependency that causes the patient to remain a customer, rather than be truly cured of their malady.

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The Regulatory Capture of the U.S. Health Agencies

I. Introduction

First of all, what is “regulatory capture”? Investopedia defines it as:

an economic theory that says regulatory agencies may come to be dominated by the industries or interests they are charged with regulating. The result is that an agency, charged with acting in the public interest, instead acts in ways that benefit incumbent firms in the industry it is supposed to be regulating. Industries devote large budgets to influencing regulators, while individual citizens spend only limited resources to advocate for their own rights.”

This article will address this theory as it pertains to the capture of U.S. healthcare agencies by Big Pharma. When using the term “Big Pharma”, I am referring to large pharmaceutical corporations which have significant political influence, and which have a history of using coercive and manipulative means of achieving their goals.

The healthcare agencies are captured by other corporate interests in general, but that is outside the scope of this series. The methods by which they are captured include “revolving doors, informational lobbying, coercive pressure, and influence over committees.

Further, this article argues that these means of entrapment force certain regulatory outcomes.

II. The Evidences For Regulatory Capture

In 2000, the FDA approved Lotronex (aka alosetron) to treat irritable bowel syndrome in women, although there was concern raised from within the FDA regarding the drug having a potentially fatal side effect. The concern was valid: the FDA ended up recalling the drug a year later after it led to multiple fatalities, and to serious adverse events in 1/1000 patients (the risk is further increased to 1/200 after being on the drug for three months). After lobbyists, including the Lotronex Action Group, lobbied for the drug’s return, the FDA allowed a restricted approval, despite passionate warnings from senior FDA members regarding the possibility of more deaths. The drug is still sold today.

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