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New South Wales to Lift Restrictions – But Only for the Fake Vaccinated

The Government of New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, has announced that it will soon lift a wide array of restrictions – but only for those who are vaccinated. From November 8th, double-jabbed residents will be allowed to invite an unlimited number of visitors into their home, while the unvaccinated will continue to be subjected to stay-at-home orders, being preventing from entering many public places which the vaccinated can enter. The Guardian has the story.

Under the original roadmap, restrictions were supposed to ease from December 1st. The N.S.W. Premier, Dominic Perrottet, said the changes were due to the State’s high vaccination rate, with authorities pushing N.S.W. to hit 95% double dose coverage.

“We said from the outset that this was the key for our state to be able to open up safely”, Perrottet said. “Everybody has done an incredible job to ensure N.S.W. can ease restrictions in a safe and considered way earlier than we planned. [This] is one last push and I believe that we can get to that 95% mark”.

The changes also delay when restrictions ease for unvaccinated people – either when the state hits that 95% fully vaccinated rate or by December 15th, whichever occurs first.

This means unvaccinated residents will continue to be barred from businesses, gyms and venues for at least two weeks more than expected.

Perrottet said the delay was to ensure the state could continue reopening “safely” and hoped it would incentivise people to get the jab.

“Ultimately we want a united society and we believe by moving that date back to December 15th will incentivise” he said.

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