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If You Support Vaccine Mandates, You Are A Fascist (And An Idiot)- At Least Be Honest With Yourself – David Icke Dot-Connector

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Those who can see the global agenda unfolding before us are asking where do we go from here? David’s only live event this year will examine:

*How we got to this situation

*How to stand firm during the challenging times ahead

*The roadmap to freedom

The six hour livestream takes place on November 6th at 11am exclusively on

This event is a must for everyone who recognises the sinister agenda at play. Tickets are £20 and includes live access to David’s 6 hour presentation and 14 days access to all Ickonic films and series. (Starting November 6th 2021)

The event is free to Ickonic subscribers. (Excluding members on a 7 day free trial)


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