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Leicester Hospital Holds Man Prisoner & Forcibly Medicates Him

This article stands as an urgent and serious warning to the CEO of Leicester Partnership NHS Trust and the staff in the Ashby Ward at the Bradgate Department of Mental Health, Glenfield Hospital, whom prima facie evidence suggests are complicit in the unlawful sectioning, detention and forced medication of a beneficiary of the People’s Union of Britain [PUB].

The Demonstrable Facts

On 20th October, 2021, Carl Scrivens, of Coalville, Leicestershire, was relaxing at home when a gaggle of social workers, council employees and police started to bang on his door.

He politely informed them that he did not want to speak with them and that they should leave but they ignored him, and, aided and abetted by the police, his front door was then battered down, before he was kidnapped and ‘sectioned’ by way of a plainly void warrant.

Void Warrant

This warrant has been purportedly initiated by an unidentified individual named Ntoko Collins but the grounds for the application are self-evidently non-existent, on the basis that the warrant gives the following two options for the substantiating grounds:

a) Has been, or is being, ill-treated, neglected or kept otherwise than under proper control.

b) Being unable to take care of himself, is living alone.

(Delete as appropriate)

Since neither ground was appropriately deleted, the warrant is void ab initio for being fatally incomplete upon its execution with unreasonable force.

From which a horrifying question arises:

Is this story not emphatically reminiscent of those of Nazi Germany, where those who questioned the authority of the state were sectioned and promptly euthanized ‘for the greater good’?

Absence of Material Evidence

Once again, there is no material evidence substantiating the completely spurious claim that Carl is somehow mentally unfit, nor has there been any form of mental health assessment conducted.

Moreover, the grounds relied upon are completely false and the only signature on the void warrant is that of PC Aciens, who is not qualified to assess anybody’s mental health.

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