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How to Edit Pictures and Videos on Mac

Photos on Mac feature has both simple and complex editing features for photos and videos. Users can perform simple editing tasks like photo rotation, cropping, and framing. If you want to achieve more and make your photo or video more attractive, you need to learn to use the advanced editing features. 

They enable you to add brightness, remove blemishes, alter white balance, and add other features to your photo or video. If you are not a pro at editing, use the following information to help create and recreate your photos and videos on Mac.

Learn the editing tools and their uses

Mac has many photo and video editing tools with many features. There are features for cropping, adding brightness, rotating, and resizing. You can straighten curves, curve straight lines, remove marks on the face or add more. 

Even with the end image or video in mind, you might not achieve that if you don’t understand the tools and how to use them. If you are using Instagram, for example, you can resize images on Mac. Editing on Mac can be easy if you know the right tools but if you don’t, your edited videos and images might look worse compared to their originals. 

First, duplicate your photo or video

When working on your photos and videos on Mac, it is important to take note that every change you make gets reflected in every folder or file in your entire Mac system. It could be you want to make changes for use in only one folder or platform. 

If you directly edit it, you cannot reverse it to the original photo or video. To help you retain the original copy, first, make a duplicate and do not work on the original. Instead, work on the copy for all your editing needs. 

Start your editing

The feature used to edit videos is the same as editing photos and what you need first to know is the number of new features you want to add to your photo or video. It could be you want to remove some blemishes, add a background, change color, resize, rotate, etc. 

Editing videos and photos

Highlight the video or photo to select it and blow it up by double-clicking it. Check on the right side on the top, you will see the edit icon. Open the icon to open a menu that displays various editing options. 

Use the different features to make all the changes you want in your video, then click done. The edited video or photo will be saved as a new file but Mac will keep your original file unchanged. 

Using the video auto-editing tool

You can also automatically edit your video using the Photos for macOS Big Sur. Highlight the video you want to edit, then blow it up with a double click. At the top right side, open the magic wand feature – the feature is labeled Auto Enhance. 

The feature will edit your video automatically and once it’s done, open the edit feature to make any minor changes, then click done. This same feature can rotate your video to any angle you want, just as you would do to a photo. 

Flip, crop, rotate or straighten

It’s easy to crop images on your Mac by clicking on the edit button on the top to open an editing window. In the middle, you will see the crop button. Click on it and hold to drag the edges of your photo or video to resize its frame. Once you achieve the desired size, release the cropping tab, then save the changes. 

If something looks crooked in a photo, use the straightening feature to remove the blemishes. Continue adjusting until you achieve your desired look. The flop icon helps to flip photos while the rotate icon rotates both photos and videos to whatever angle you want. 

Adding light

Sometimes the scene of your photo or video could be dark and you want it to be brighter before you post it on social media. Open the adjust icon within the editing feature and drag it to the brightness you want. 

Another option is to go to options, then brilliance. Select exposure, then highlights, and go-to shadows. Choose brightness, contrasts, and then black points. It is a long method but it works. 

Trim your videos 

On the editing tool, your video is displayed in frames. If you want to remove a certain frame to make the video shorter, click on the frame you want to be removed or hold and drag it to the point you want. 


The photo and editing features in Mac can be used in many ways to make your videos and photos look brighter, duller, smoother, and better. You can add text, remove noise, or trim the frames. Cropping helps you remove unwanted blemishes, while other features help you convert colored images to black and white. You can learn and understand all the features to know their work and how to use them. 

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