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Melbourne Waiter with Exemption For ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine Denied Work

In 2018, Mason Reed suffered a rare autoimmune reaction to a meningococcal vaccination, which left him paralysed in the face and chest, causing him to spend two weeks in a coma. Because of this event, he was granted an official medical exemption to the Covid vaccine. However, the 25 year-old has struggled to find work as employment agencies have demanded physical proof of Reed having received the jab as many firms are unwilling to hire anyone from the unvaccinated workforce, and have disregarded Reed’s personal circumstances. The Mail Australia has the story.

Reed has an official medical exemption explaining why he hasn’t received a Covid vaccine but has struggled to find venues who will employ him alongside vaccinated workers.

The hospitality employment agency he works for have accepted the exemption, which states he has a “medical contraindication” to Covid vaccines.

“I thought there was no way I would have any problems”, he told the Mail Australia. “I have a valid vaccination certificate”.

He said his agency’s clients though wanted to see physical evidence of his Covid vaccination history.

“All but one of the clients has said no”, he said. “My employment agency initially only had one company that said yes but they’re in Western Australia”.

One of the agency’s clients agreed to take him on as a Covid marshal after his case attracted media attention, but Reed is still unsure whether he will be able to work or not.

The 25 year-old plans to move overseas and find work as a translator once the border re-opens.

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