Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 October 2021

Danish Health Minister Demands More Vaccinations to Avoid New Lockdown

Despite having vaccinated 85 percent of its population over the age of 12, Denmark has seen more than 1,000 daily cases of COVID for a week straight, a level unseen in months. Amid recent developments, which medical professionals called going “in the wrong direction”, Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke threatened to reimpose restrictions.
Denmark, which barely a month ago removed all restrictions, risks new shutdowns if more citizens are not vaccinated against the coronavirus, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke has warned.

“If we are to keep Denmark open, we must have more people get the vaccine”, the health minister said, as quoted by TV2. “We knew there would be an increase this autumn. But it is no secret that that increase has come pretty quickly already in October”, Heunicke added.

So far, 75 percent of the Danish population has been vaccinated. Despite the high vaccination rate, however, the number of new cases of infection is rising.

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