Eamonn Holmes has announced he’s caught coronavirus.The 61 year old ITV presenter, who recently broke down in tears as he remembered his late father, took to his Twitter feed to share the news with his 1 million followers as he wrote: “Covid finally caught me .

“Thankfully I’m Double jabbed. More than Half way through my isolation and coping with the symptoms and effects well.”

The star added that he will not be able to attend certain scheduled events as a result of catching Covid-19 as he wrote: “Unfortunately I’m going to be a No Show for some Professional & Personal events.

“Just want to let everyone know why & offer my apologies”.

Many of Eamonn’s fans were quick to reply in the comments as one person wrote: “Get well soon – hope Ruthie is looking after you!”

Another said: “I am double jabbed but ended up in hospital with covid complications . It effects everyone differently despite the vaccine, I just think if this is how badly it effected me being vaccinated just how bad it would have been without hopefully you will be fine”.

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