Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 October 2021

Psychopath Fauci’s Puppy Torture Scandal Has United the Left and Right and May Be the Final Nail in His Coffin

In the last 20 months, Dr. Anthony Fauci has propelled himself into a messiah-like state for half of the country and an outright villain to the other half. He has been caught in lie after repeated lie — up to and including lying to Congress, a federal crime of perjury — yet the media has come to his aid repeatedly. After all, “Attacks on me (Dr. Fauci), quite frankly, are attacks on science.” Yes, he actually said that.

But over the last several months, Fauci’s rise to stardom has begun to slow, specifically after emails were leaked, showing Fauci likely knew about the possibility of the Wuhan lab leak theory and lied about it.

In a February 2020 email from a Cornell University professor of medicine, the professor wrote: “We think there is a possibility that the virus was released from a lab in Wuhan.”

Fauci responded by forwarding the prescient warning to one of his minions: “Please handle.”

A month after this response, a government-funded physicist sent Fauci another warning that China was sending out false data, among other things.

Once again, Fauci dismissively forwarded it to another minion, claiming it was: “Too long for me to read.”

While these emails were being sent, anyone who mentioned the lab leak theory on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, was unsurreptitiously banned, removed, and censored into oblivion. But the world would soon find out months later that it was the most plausible explanation.

Despite these clear lies and misrepresentations, Fauci has remained a darling of the establishment and is wholeheartedly protected by the fact-checking class. It seems Fauci could do no wrong in the eyes of the establishment.

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