Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 October 2021

Freedom is a dirty word – Eve Fisher

It seems Christmas with family is off the table for some this year.

And I’m not talking about all those Australians stuck overseas unable to see their loved ones, despite celebrities and sports folk being able to come and go as they please across our supposedly locked borders.

Two years ago it would have been preposterous to think that families would be divided by a virus that was only just beginning to surface in China.

Now it’s not borders keeping people apart, it’s a medical procedure that some feel will help and others feel will harm.

The covid vax has divided our homes, our communities and our psyche. It has forced thousands out of their jobs as state governments around the country force people to choose between an injection they don’t want or a job they need to survive.

Ridiculous fines have businesses scrambling to ensure no one works for them unless they are jabbed. Mind you, the jab neither prevents covid, nor stops it’s transmission. And as ABC Australia reported last week, three out of four aged care Delta deaths in NSW were vaccinated.

Ummm, what now???

The ABC also ran an interesting piece spelling out exactly how the forced jabs are a violation of human rights.

As a former friend pointed out to me recently, I have no right to demand anything because this global emergency supersedes my notions of freedom. Silly me.
Just hold your aborted fetuses and let me explain quickly how the forced jab is breaking a whole lot of rules.

Perhaps I’ll just prece the specific violations that are set in Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic),which takes most of its information from the global charter.

Section 10(c) says simply that a person must not be subjected to medical treatment without his or her full, free, and informed consent. Losing your job as punishment sounds pretty darn opposite to free consent.

Section 12 states that every person lawfully within Victoria has the right to move freely within the state and to enter and leave it, and has the freedom to choose where to live.

Did you know you can’t re-enter Victoria without a double vax certificate, even if you live here? Chairman Dan told me so. Now even Western Australia is taking a leaf from the home of the world’s longest lockdown and has mooted banning unjabbed tourists.

But I digress. Who needs to head west anyway?

Back to the charter. Section 13 makes it clear that forcing someone to declare their vax status is interfering with that person’s privacy unlawfully.

Section 14 highlights that every person has a right to freedom of thoughts, conscience, religion, and belief. And that includes not being injected with aborted fetuses (yes, they are in the vaccine).

It’s also important to note these are backed by the Australian Immunisation Handbook which also makes it clear that coercing people to get inoculated is not a good thing and goes against those pesky old human rights.

That said, most people think ignoring these rights is a good thing. It’s important to note the feminist Left’s idea that it’s “my body, my choice” is strictly about abortions only and must not be confused with other bodily parts.

The Left now is wholly and solely in the camp of mandating and has become the true Commie poster-child of Australia and the world.

Any of the Australian politicians defending our right to choose are all seen as the right-wing nutters. Anyone seeing the inversion?

Most think the clear and present danger of the virus warrants a complete and utter violation of those rights that, until two years ago, most people held dear.

It’s important to note in Victoria that after December 15 Daniel Andrews and his cohort will have to successfully introduce new pandemic legislation to replace the State of Emergency that cannot be extended any longer – if they wish to keep forcing the mandates on business.

Again, I know I’m ridiculous to be harping on about this sort of thing but it seems pertinent given the division will continue long after the virus becomes, as expected, a regular flu we all have to live with.

All those people who have shut out their families, sacked their workers and alienated their friends are unlikely to ever realise how much they have played along with the government songsheet without a single hesitation. Without a single question.

While the French are having picnics in the street to protest against vax mandates in restaurants, Victorians are willingly allowing their government to completely destroy the lives of so many people. That said, kudos to those St Kilda picnickers of course. No one got bashed by the police so let’s count our blessings.

And thank you to all those businesses refusing to increase their density limits so they can keep serving us unjaxxxed heathens. We can see in the darkness there are a small few holding the line and refusing to take the shot. Some are refusing because they don’t trust it. Some are refusing because they are so outraged at medical apartheid.

And against all odds they keep refusing. They are taking their children out of school, closing their businesses and forming new social networks away from the mind-raped masses who have no idea … about anything really.

Those holding the line are the true heroes of our time.


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