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Business Cloud Phones: Removing The Guesswork From Your Marketing Success

The traditional way of advertising was by placing an ad on a newspaper or a bulletin, hoping it would appeal to people so much that they would be compelled to make a phone call to your company. 


Now, this required you to keep a few staff near the phone so that they were able to attend to the ringers. More popular companies need more staff to be around multiple phones so as not to miss any customers. 


The staff also had to go through the ordeal of filtering through the callers. It is obvious for some callers to be genuine, while others may be calling to sell their products or services. 


You need to be extra careful while switching the callers because you do not want to keep a genuine caller on hold while passing on a spam call to your best help available. 


But, such problems have become very easy to handle with the help of the modern technology of business cloud phone systems like the Ringover, which makes sure your business is making the maximum impact in the market. 

Structuring your marketing campaign for useful inbound caller data

This implies making sure that the caller’s problems are solved in the call itself with the help of IVR technology. 


It includes an automated voice that instructs you to press a particular number for a specific inquiry. By going through a series of pressing numbers and providing solutions, the issue is ultimately resolved. 


But you need to keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable with this system. The IVR may not have the solution to the problem they are facing. 


Hence, you must include the option where the callers can choose to talk directly to personnel from the company. 

Assigning individual numbers

It is easier to track your market reach online because there has been a specific path that has been carved for customers to follow and find their way into your company’s website. 


But, the same thing becomes difficult in the case of business cloud phones because if your company has two-three numbers, you will have no idea of the location of the caller and how they stumbled upon your company. 


This will be a huge disadvantage because it will prevent you from knowing where your company is making progress for you to concentrate on increasing market reach elsewhere. 


This issue can be tackled by assigning individual numbers for each location. It will create a strong bond with your customers and also let you know where your company has made a difference. 

Deeper analytics: AB testing

You may also call people to advertise your company which will increase the number of customers. It is advisable to use multiple numbers for this purpose. 


This process needs to be handled carefully. You must reach out to your sales team to gather information on the customer you are thinking of calling. 


Use this information to sell your product or service in such a unique way that it will cater to the preferences of the customer. 


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