Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 October 2021

Latest UK figures show that fake vaccinated accounted for 82% of ‘Covid-19 deaths’ (effects of the fake vaccines) & 65% of hospitalisations (effects of the fake vaccines) in England over the past 4 weeks

The latest figures published by the new UK Health Security Agency on Covid-19 hospitalisations and deaths show that the Covid-19 injections still don’t seem to be working.

The ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report – Week 42’ was published by the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) on Thursday, 21st October 2021 and it shows that the vast majority of Covid-19 hospitalisations between September 20th and October 17th were among the fully vaccinated population.

Table 3 of the report shows that the number of people presenting to emergency care with Covid-19 resulting in overnight inpatient admission who were not-vaccinated was 2,534, whilst a further 305 were partly vaccinated, and 4,486 were fully vaccinated.

Meaning between September 20th and October 17th, 65% of those hospitalised with Covid-19 were vaccinated whilst 35% were not-vaccinated.

However, the above figures unfortunately are not reflected in the number of Covid-19 deaths, because whilst the majority were yet again among the fully vaccinated, the difference between the vaccinated and not-vaccinated was much greater.

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