Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 October 2021

In Australia, ‘Fully Fake Vaccinated’ To Become ‘Un-Fake- Vaccinated’ If They Fail to Take All Required ‘Covid-19’ Fake Vaccine ‘Booster’ Shots

Premier Daniel Andrews, a politician from the Australian state of Victoria has announced that people who are “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19 will only remain as such if they agree to receive all existing and future booster shots.

In a presentation, Andrews explained that there will be no freedoms for the “unvaccinated” in 2022 – and by unvaccinated, he also means people who stop at one or two jabs.

Andrews stated: “If you make the judgment to not get vaccinated, and you reckon you can wait out us or the public … you won’t wait out the virus, because the virus will be here for a long time. And your only protection against it is being vaccinated.

“This will be well into 2022,” he added. “Well and truly into 2022.”

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