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Extracts from “Pandemic Diary of a Frontline Lawyer for the Elderly” – Part 1

We have kindly been provided with the journal of Clare Wills Harrison, a lawyer for the elderly, who first spoke out about Midazolam and care home deaths in June 2020.

Clare kept a journal from March 2020 until recently. It is a harrowing account of what she witnessed through the lens of her work and gives explosive insight into the shut down of the care and legal system, the effect on her clients and the wider UK population and how in turn this impacted her and her family. It is raw, disturbing and personal.

We, and Lawyers of Light have been authorised to publish parts of the journal,  and will be running a series of posts starting today.

If you want to read the damning first hand evidence about the failures of the care, medical and legal sectors during the last 18 months, follow Lawyers of Light channel here and The Expose here.

We understand the full journal is to be published as a free e book in due course. You can read the first extracts below.

Extracts from “Pandemic diary of a front line lawyer for the eldery” – kindly provided by the family of Clare Wills Harrison – Part 1

Tuesday 10th March 2020

This is my first journal entry to document what is happening right now. For some reason I feel its going to be really important for the future. I don’t know why.

All over the news are scenes of Italy and other European countries. Italy went into a full country shut down yesterday after having closed schools and universities a few days ago. I don’t like the sound of not being able to go and get food when you need to. It all seems strange.

I saw Mr & Mrs XXXXX today to discuss XXXXX. He works for Defra and he openly said to me that he guarantees we will be in a full shut down like Italy in 2 weeks. That tells me they know at govt level already. So they must be planning? And why would you do that and not just shut down immediately if necessary? Logistics?

I’m really worried about my elderly clients if we shut down. How will they be looked after if they live alone? What if they triage hospital appointments and give priority to younger people?

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