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Southwest Airlines Waters Down ‘Covid-19’ Fake Vaccine Mandate After Employees Protest

Following the vaccine mandates against airline employees, many are fighting back against the US government’s unlawful policies. Hundreds of Southwest Airlines Employees are standing up for themselves and refusing to comply with the mandates, and the company is beginning to accommodate their workers, instead of firing them.

The Biden administration has required all federal contractors to submit to vaccine mandates. Southwest Airlines is considered a federal contractor and was forced to comply with compulsory Covid jabs.

However, countless pilots, flight attendants and other employees came together to protest the human rights abuses carried out by the airline company, which have been enforced by the federal government. Employees were warned that they would be fired on December 8th if they did not get the Covid-19 vaccine. Despite this threat, over two hundred employees gathered outside the company’s Dallas headquarters on October 18th to publicly oppose the unlawful vaccine mandate.

Southwest’s senior vice president of operations and hospitality, Steve Goldberg, sent out a notice to staff, alerting them of a significant change in the company’s vaccine mandate policy. It stated that the company will not terminate employees on December 8th whilst the company reviews employee exemption forms. The notice states that employees may continue to work as long as they follow masking and social distancing guidelines.

“This is a change from what was previously communicated. Initially, we communicated that these Employees would be put on unpaid leave and that is no longer the case,” the notice states.

Currently, the airline company discriminates against new-hire employees by demanding proof of vaccination against Covid-19 as a precondition to employment. Current Southwest Airlines employees are profiled and segregated based on their private medical decisions. Over the past few months, the medical privacy of each member of staff has been violated, as the workforce is segregated into “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” groups. Unvaccinated employees were scheduled to be put on unpaid leave after December 8th.

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