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How to Decorate your Home in 8 Easy Steps

Home is the place where one comes for rest and comfort after following a tough, monotonous routine. Therefore, this place should be welcoming and calming. Worried about how can it be done? Don’t worry, we have jotted down how you can decorate your home in 8 easy steps, ensuring both, comfort and attractiveness of the place. So, let’s begin.

  1. Use Slipcovers

Use slipcovers for sofas. It gives your lounge, drawing room, or bedroom sofas a very attractive look. You can choose your favorite slipcovers from a wide range of varieties. Depending on your mood, personality, and theme of the room, you can go for plain, bright-colored, or funky slipcovers. In addition to giving your room a classy look, they also tend to protect your furniture.

  1. Paint

Furniture or accent pieces can be updated by painting them. You can select the type of paint ranging from chalk paint to milk paint and metallic paints to those that can be applied on concrete, vinyl, and plastic.

Chairs, sofas, tables, and hence any furniture that you find outdated, can be renewed by painting it. You can choose the color according to the theme of the room and make the final look classy, traditional, or funky, as per your preferences. 

  1. Paint Wall Colors Light and Neutral

After selecting the type of paint to be used and the theme to go about, the next step is to select the wall color. It is recommended to use light and neutral colors on walls. Gray or beige colors are among the best neutral colors to go about with your walls. Neutral colors give you an opportunity to adopt multiple combinations, making it easier for you to switch accessories and change themes more often.

In case you have two small rooms, one after the other, it is advised to use the same neutral color in them in order to give your rooms a relatively larger look.

  1. Let the Sun Shine In Your Kitchen

Make sure the sunshine reaches your kitchen through the windows. For this purpose, you are advised to choose elegant and functional window dressings. Sheers with full-length panels is one of the best combos for your kitchen. It covers your windows while allowing sunlight to come in whenever the sun shines. In case your kitchen windows are facing the sun, allowing surplus sunlight to come in, make sure to choose light-colored fabrics to elicit the chances of their color being faded off. Some of the recommended fabrics include linen, cotton, and silk blends.

  1. Hang at Least One Mirror in Every Room

Make sure to hang at least one mirror in each room. It helps brighten the room and makes the place look larger. You can also use mirrors to bounce light into dark spaces. Now comes the answer to the question, where to hang mirrors? Well, it is advised to hang mirrors opposite to the windows from where sunlight peeps into the room. The bouncing of light from the mirror will lighten up the room.

  1. Reinvent Spaces and Rooms

Reinventing spaces and rooms in your house can also give you a chance to create attractive spaces that are functional at the same time. For instance, you can decorate hallways, home entrances, corners, and empty storerooms. Decorating them the right way will make your home magical. Some great ideas to reinvent spaces and rooms are to add shelves and cabinets, insert hooks, and place baskets. You can use these strategies to decorate the hallways and space under the stairs.

Similarly, basements can be utilized as an exercise hall, yoga space, office, music room, bar, or laundry area. Empty rooms that are not in use, can be used to make guest rooms, art rooms, mini-libraries, or study areas. Other than using furniture complementing the type of room, you can use arts and craft wall hangings, hanging flowers, plants, and accent pieces for decoration purposes, as per the demands of the place.

  1. Wall Decor

Wall décor can be done in several ways. Creating a wall gallery containing your memorable photos or photos of sceneries can help enhance the beauty of the room. These photos can be prepared on wood, canvas, or even frames and then hung on your customized photo wall gallery. It is advised to use the wall behind the sofa for this purpose. It will give a very attractive look to the room.

Also, make sure to display the photo frames at varying heights on the wall. You can add a clock, mirrors, and other accent pieces on the wall to give it a unique look. In addition to it, prefer hanging things above eye level. It helps make your ceiling look higher.

  1. Accents

Last but not the least, invest some money in buying accent pieces and use them to decorate your home. You can layer accents to give your room different looks, such as a bold one or a subdued one. Accent pieces not only help decorate the place but also adds personality and character to your decoration. Some recommended accents to use for decoration purposes include throws (in winters), ottoman cushions, accent chairs, and mirrors.

So, these were 8 easy steps to decorate your home. All of these steps are easy and worth following. Make sure to decorate your home in the most artistic and comfortable way. Good luck with it! 


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