Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 20 October 2021

CBC apologises for using fake patients and training facility in ‘Covid-19’ story

On Thursday, CBC was forced to apologize for using a fake hospital setting and mannequins posing as patients for a broadcast on the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this week.

In a tweet by CBC Edmonton, the outlet addressed what it called an “editorial error” in their programming.

“Earlier in October, we aired two stories on what patients can expect in a hospital ICU during the COVID crisis and the strain on nursing staff. We shot footage for these stories at two Edmonton training facilities that showed mannequins in beds and a realistic-looking hospital setting due to restrictions,” wrote CBC.

“Unfortunately, some of that same footage was then used in a different story about COVID projections and modelling last week. Using those images outside the context of the training facilities was inappropriate and we apologize for the error in judgement. The story has been corrected.”

Soon after the correction was issued, hundreds of Canadians expressed outrage at the dishonest reporting by the state broadcaster.

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