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Dead by Daylight Pinhead Guide

The Cenobite, often known as Hellraiser’s Pinhead, will be introduced in Dead by Daylight. The Cenobite introduces unique perks and abilities that may take some time to get acquainted to. Although the Cenobite may take some time to master, the next murderer in Dead by Daylight has the potential to be one of the most effective at hooking gamers.

The perks and skills of the Cenobite allow him to quickly scour the map in search of survivors. This killer may irritate survivors with hurdles and curses by using Deadlock, Hex: Plaything, and Scourge Hook. Players become entangled in chains that slow them down greatly, especially when paired with the Cenobite’s abilities.

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Deadlock: After another generator is fixed, a deadlock occurs, which blocks the generator with the most progress for 20 seconds. This skill can be used to track the generator that has been repaired the most. After the 20 seconds are up, survivors are likely to return to this generator. Attack returning survivors during this time.

Hex: Plaything curses and activates a totem on the first hooked survivor. Until the totem is cleansed, survivors become oblivious. The Cenobite can use this ability to locate terrified players and take advantage of the situation.

Scourge Hook: At the start of the game, pain affects up to four random hooks. Survivors who are unhooked suffer from a Hemorrhage and are Mangled until they are entirely recovered. Unhooked survivors are additionally subject to a 7% penalty to healing and repair actions, making them an easy target for team healing.

How to use Pinhead’s Abilities Effectively

Summons of Pains, the Cenobite’s major ability in Dead by Daylight, creates a long-range portal that blasts out a chain. The chain is at the authority of the players, who can use it to trap foes. While confined, survivors become slower and are unable to sprint. 

This chain can let players get closer to a survivor much faster. This portal does not teleport as well as the Nurse’s portals, but it does a good job of closing the distance. Because the cooldown isn’t too long, use this ability frequently. While chasing a player in a loop, killers can utilize this skill in rapid succession. This ability is very useful for assassins who like to attack survivors directly.

When the Cenobite’s secondary power, Lament Configuration, is used alone, it starts a chain hunt. When a survivor picks up the configuration, the quest is over. While the configurations create attacking chains, this survivor likewise becomes unaware. 

This survivor must figure out how to get rid of the effects, but the killer can sense their aura. When a victim has an aura, the murderer can follow them down and employ Summons of Pains to further trap them. 

The Cenobite’s abilities and bonuses combine to form a fantastic, aggressive addition to the Dead by Daylight roster. The Hellraiser content is an amazing addition to DBD, even though the Stranger Things content will be going in November.

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