Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 October 2021

What happened to MP David Amess is terrible but to claim it is a threat to democracy when democracy has been deleted by government and replaced with fascism in the ‘Covid’ era is utterly ridiculous and reveals a lack of awareness that takes the breath away

Yet again, Britain shudders in collective shock as a Member of Parliament is slaughtered while doing their job.

I do not know the full details as I write these words except that Sir David Amess has died in a stabbing. So this time it is a Tory. Last time it was Labour. But their politics do not matter now.

Sir David could not have been more different from Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed five years ago.

He was a 69-year-old married father of five, firmly on the Tory right and Eurosceptic, a political veteran who had represented Essex constituencies (first Basildon, later Southend West) in parliament for almost four decades. She was 41, Labour and a proud Remainer, a wife and adoring mother of two, filled with idealism after her election to a Yorkshire seat, Batley and Spen, in 2015.

But while so very different in life, this pair of politicians are united in the terrible manner of their deaths. Both were devoted democrats who died carrying out their work in a land that boasts of being the mother of parliaments. And both were murdered while attending the weekly surgeries with constituents that are one of the pillars of our political system.

So have no doubt this latest stabbing drives a chilling stake through the core of our democracy . Inevitably there will be understandable demands for more security, more protection of our politicians, more distance from the people they represent.

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