Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 15 October 2021

Technological is Making Human Workers Obsolete

Jonny: “You know what the trouble with the world is, Race?”

Race: “Nope, suppose you tell me.”

Jonny: “It’s gotten too scientific.”

Race: “Haha, I know just how you feel.”

– Jonny Quest

Out of control technological growth is crippling the human workforce. Robotic output capacity continues to reach new levels leaving people in the dust which is concerning many about how the economy will shape in the near future. Businesses, specifically big corporations, want to increase productivity while cutting costs and robots can enable them to do that.

Just like advocates fight for animal rights, there appears to be a growth of robot rights. AI robot Sophia became a citizen of Saudi Arabia, and recently announced the desire for a baby. Protesters claimed despite being a machine, Sophia has more rights than female human beings in the country. The funny thing is the media treated this hunk of metal as if it were a living being by quoting –

The notion of family is very important, it seems. I think it is wonderful that people can find the same emotions and relationships that they call family outside of their blood group, said Sophia in an interview.

Robots are not people, no matter how sophisticated they may be. The concern of robot takeover prompted China to establish its code of ethics ensuring humans have the final decision over machines. The desire for robots over people has been growing over the years through the form of increased computer and phone use, and digital entertainment. Some people are even falling in love with their AI like Xiaolce. Technology has become a crutch for human beings, and they’re continuing to become more dependent on it. Without technology, people can’t spell, find their destination, or connect with others.

Virtually all work these days is done on a computer, and this is phasing out people at least in the workforce. Doctors today rely on software and machines to diagnose, and soon will be able to operate on patients many miles away. Hollywood films are saturated with CGI, and computer design has replaced good ole’ fashion ingenuity.

Building and manufacturing is one thing, but now design too is expected to be replaced by AI. Men used to be able to build houses without blueprints, fix things without consulting manuals, and invent devices without making drafts. Now, engineering schools force students to draft on a computer. People are going deaf from headphones and blind from all the texting and selfies. The radiation can even disrupt the blood-brain barrier causing stroke even in healthy young individuals. Additionally, the environment has suffered due to industrialization.

Politically correct psychopaths in business and schools, who control their in house technology, act as the almighty judge of what is socially acceptable, and ban anyone who dare challenges. They’re trying to redefine what is right and wrong in our world. This has paved way to a new god — technology. Silicon Valley knows that if you give outsourced employees a nice paycheck, they’ll happily do whatever you tell them to without remorse. Now, the shift is in AI which is telling people what to think and believe in. If it isn’t stopped, it will then start telling people what to do as a profession, whom they pledge allegiance to, and what they should put on their plate to eat.

Transhumanists envision people being uploaded into a computer or some other freakish hybrid imitation of human. Technology was supposed to be a tool to serve humanity’s needs, but the opposite has happened. There’s a limit to how far this can go, and I anticipate a very sudden radical shift coming. We are told that we need technology, that it makes us better, delivers us information, and makes our lives easier. Workers were promised that it would bring us a higher standard of living and shorter work day. However, statistics show that people are working harder and longer for very little with costs increasing due to inflation.

Technology is making human beings second class while robots are becoming the prime candidate for first class citizen. If this is not controlled soon, human beings will be shoved aside to make way for the newer dominant species – AI.

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