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Colorado State University Threatens to ARREST Un-fake-vaccinated Students if They are Seen on Campus

Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins is threatening unvaccinated students with arrest if they set foot on campus for not receiving a Covid jab.

Michael Katz, Director at CSU’s Student Resolution Center, wrote a letter to unvaccinated students telling them that because they failed to provide proof of injection or an exemption to the school’s “Pandemic Preparedness Team”, they are now prohibited from being on campus property.

Katz wrote in the threatening letter: “Since your non-compliance with this requirement poses a threat to the safety and well-being of the University community, the following interim measure applies to you.

“Effective immediately, you are trespassed from all University property until May 16, 2022. This means you are not permitted to be on any University property or in any University buildings; this includes but is not limited to, residence halls, university apartments, dining halls, in-person classes, the Morgan Library, the rec center, and the Lory student center.”

Unvaccinated students at CSU who are caught anywhere on campus, either indoors or outdoors, “may be cited or arrested for trespassing and face further disciplinary action.”

It’s worth noting that these unvaccinated students have already paid their tuition fees, meaning that the school took their money and is now threatening them with arrest and imprisonment if they attempt to even show up on campus.

In the same letter, Katz revealed that faculty at CSU “are not required to make alternative arrangements for the students to complete their course work away from campus” while they are “trespassed from campus.”

This means that until next May, every unvaccinated student who already paid full tuition will be denied the services they paid for because they refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

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