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60% Of American Parents Haven’t Committed to Their Children Getting Fake Vaccinated against ‘Covid’, Survey Suggests

Only 37% of parents in the U.S. with children aged five-11 plan on getting them vaccinated against Covid, according to a new CBS News/YouGov survey, while 35% say they are opposed to their children being ‘jabbed’ and 26% are unsure. MailOnline has the story.

Just 10% of unvaccinated moms and dads will insist upon the vaccine for their children.

The survey, completed Friday, showed 26% of parents are undecided about the jab, meaning more than 60% of adults haven’t committed to having their child vaccinated against a virus that’s killed more than 700,000 Americans.

Parents of children aged five through 11 participated in the survey; Pfizer last week asked the FDA to expand emergency use of its Covid vaccine to children in that age bracket.

The vaccine-reluctant said possible side-effects, distrust of the Government and scientists, and lack of thorough testing were their main concerns.

Interestingly, many parents who’ve themselves had the vaccine say they don’t want their young children to receive it. …

Government advisors insist vaccines are thoroughly-tested and safe, although they have been linked to serious and potentially deadly heart-inflammation in very rare cases, particularly among young men.

The survey’s results are consistent with a similar poll completed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, which showed 34% of American parents plan to vaccinate their schoolchildren as soon as a vaccine for the five-11 age group is authorised.

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