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6 Reasons Why Cat Eye Glasses Are a Must Have

It is the 21st century, and for us, everything matters- from success to the way we look. Today, glasses are not just worn by those who struggle with myopic and hypermetropic disorders but also by those who just like wearing them. Glasses have now become a symbol of fashion. Some wear glasses to match their new look; some wear them to give that ‘nerdy’ vibe. However, choosing the right eyewear for yourself can certainly be a heavy task. 

One of the most trendy eyeglasses and emerging categories of glasses is the Cat Eye glasses. From 50s television to gen Z celebrities propagating the look, there are crazy fans of this category of glasses. Different from what it used to be in the 50s and 60s, cat eyewear has adjusted itself to the cultures of all times. Here are six reasons why you must choose cat eye wear as your next choice: 

Ideal Choice for Every Face Shape

  • Round-shaped face: Cat eye glasses are an ideal choice for people with round faces. The perfect cat eye glasses that suit your face shape and give you the vintage touch are all trendy. There is a range of styles available in the market- from bold eye frames to frameless glasses. 
  • Oval-shaped face: People with an oval face will best look in softer cat-eye frames as their face has equal proportions throughout. 
  • Square-shaped face: People with square faces usually have a broad forehead. Considering the facial structure, narrower and angular cat-eye frames are recommended. 
  • Heart-shaped face: For people with such facial structure, a more curvy and round frame will suit that with high cheekbones. 

Gives you the Vintage Look

The cat eye glasses are not new. They were first seen at a television show in the 50s, and since then, people have been crazy for them. Many notable Hollywood stars of this generation have been seen wearing the all-time-trendy cat eye glasses. Sunglasses of this kind are protective eyewear, but people love to buy them just for the sake of their look! 

Available in all sizes

Cat eye glasses are ideally suited for all. Some frames are particularly suited for people with smaller faces. In simple terms, there is always a cat eye wear setting out there that will suit you and give your face a huge rise in terms of fashion and style.

Fulfills the Dual Objective of Fashion and Eye Correction

The cat-eye frames fulfill the dual motives of fashion and eye correction. They do not take away the advantage that you usually get with any pair of prescription eyeglasses. You can still enjoy UV protection by selecting the lens coatings that are offered by the best eyewear shops.

Cat Eye Glasses Are Versatile 

Cat glasses are so versatile that they look great on just about anybody. Modern Cat Eyewears come in so many different shapes and colors- it’s certainly hard for you to not find the one that does suit you. With cat eye glasses, which one you should wear is more of a question than whether you should wear them at all!

Buying Cat Eye Sunglasses and Prescription Glasses Online

The best opinion would probably be to go and look for glasses at your nearest eyewear showroom. If you are not satisfied with the collection at your nearest shop, you can also check various glasses collections online and maximize your options to choose from. As intimidating as it might seem, shopping for your cat eyewear from online retailers is actually very easy! 

  • To make sure you’re looking for the best product out there, you need to know all your eye measurements. Unless you know your eye measurements, it is not possible to look for frames online. So, get your eyes checked at your nearest eye clinic as soon as possible. 
  • To make sure of the quality of the product, you must choose a retailer who is trustable and regularly reviewed by people. Also, make sure to check whether the retailers accept insurance or not. 
  • Choose the lens that suits you the best. Lenses are the most important aspect of your glasses. Alongside the best lenses available, anti-scratch coatings are also recommended to make the most of your experience. 

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