Posted by Sponsored Post Posted on 8 October 2021

Ensuring your floors last a lifetime

If you look after your floor, your floor will look after you. We know how daunting housework and general maintenance can be, but it’s important to keep it up so your floor stays in tiptop shape. Take a look at these most important key elements on how to keep your floor forever. 


If you have bought flooring planks, for example, solid wood, you must make sure that each plank is fitted properly. If you haven’t done all the necessary cleaning beforehand, you will find that your floor will be uneven which will result in a short life span. If you install your flooring properly, you will find that your gorgeous solid wood floor will last a lifetime. The last thing you want to be doing is ripping up your flooring to find the course of the problem. 


One of the main things we humans think about is what material is going to last the longest. For example, solid wood and engineered flooring will last a lifetime if it’s maintained properly. However, if you have a laminate or carpet floor, it can be much harder to upkeep if you have a busy and messy household. 

Pet claws can scratch hardwood, water can warm wood and heavy objects can damage tiles and marble. Having pieces of fabric under furniture can minimize scratches on solid flooring. The foot traffic is all dependent on the look of your floor. If you have a busy household, your floor will most likely wear quicker than it would with a couple. 

Maintenance and Cleaning 

No matter how strong and durable your floors are, they all need a good scrub! Spills and stains are best cleaned with soapy warm water and a damp mop or cloth. If you are using a shop-bought cleaner, do your research beforehand so the floor doesn’t get damaged. Only use cleaners from your chosen floor manufacturer to get the best results. Regular maintenance will keep your floor in the best shape possible. 


The total cost of your flooring doesn’t determine how long it will last but does offer better quality material. Cheap materials and cheap labour equal a poorly laid floor. Having the right material and the right fitters will mean you have better quality floor. 


The right flooring can make your home look beautiful, so make sure you pick the right one! We recommend you use a professional fitter if you’re buying a solid wood floor as they don’t come cheap! 


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