Posted by Sponsored Post Posted on 6 October 2021

Battle of Jaguar Parts! OEM VS Aftermarket – Who Will Win?

In the battle between OEM and aftermarket Jaguar parts, who will win? This is a question asked by many Jaguar fans, especially when trying to decide between the two. Which is the better Jaguar part to buy? Should you get an OEM Jaguar part or an aftermarket one? Well, to get started, it is important to clear up the difference between an OEM part and an aftermarket part. OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer.’ This means that the part was manufactured by the original part maker during the period when the car was being built. So, think about it. An OEM Jaguar part is the part intended by the makers of Jaguar for your car. That’s pretty impressive! On the other hand, an ‘aftermarket’ Jaguar part is a part made by another manufacturer; usually at a more current time, in response to demand for that part. So, between the two of these, which one is your better choice? It’s the OEM Jaguar part! While aftermarket Jaguar parts are a little cheaper than OEM parts, they’re not the part specifically intended for your Jaguar model. If you’re a stickler for originality, then you’d want OEM Jaguar parts on your fave Jag. But then again, many of today’s aftermarket parts are made at par with OEM parts. So, if you’re on a budget but still want to pamper your Jaguar, go ahead and choose an aftermarket part. These are likely to work and perform similarly with an OEM part. In fact, there are some aftermarket parts that outperform their OEM counterparts. To tell an aftermarket part apart from an OEM one, look for the X at the end of the part number. Like an OEM part, and aftermarket part is new and comes with a one-year warranty from most Jaguar parts vendors. So, whichever you choose, you’re all good!


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