Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 October 2021

New Bond film and targeting DNA

We’ve just been to see the latest Bond film.   You may be aware it was delayed release due to the cinema closures so would have been written and created before lockdowns etc.  The basic story line centres around biochemical weapons that target specific DNA types.  There were a number of references that brought to mind current circumstances such as referral to nano robots within the weapon that penetrate the body and target (kill) people who have whatever the specific DNA target group is, such as a particular family or ethnicity etc, and those that are in contact with it but do not die can infect others just by touch.  One quote: “If you infect enough people then the people become the weapon.”  When addressing if there is an antidote to the infection or if it can be removed from hands etc the reply was roughly: “It’s not just for Christmas.  Once it’s there it’s there forever.”
Also before a mission Q injected something into Bond and another agent’s necks called “smart blood” which they said would track their movements so he could see where they were whilst on the mission.
A bit of priming at play perhaps?
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