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Australian Aboriginal Dies Six Days After Second Dose of Pfizer ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine, Sending Shock Waves Through the Indigenous Community

Big pharma, the government and mainstream media have been working overtime to deploy messages of fear and guilt to coerce the public to get the Covid-19 vaccine. This is something that has been taking place worldwide.

Over 70 percent of Australian aboriginals are not afraid to refuse the covid vaccines and live a normal life, free of fear. As a result, these indigenous people were marked as “priority groups” when the vaccines were first rolled out.

Governments worked together with big pharma to pressure and shame indigenous people to get vaccinated. Allegedly, pharmaceutical representatives have approached elders in Maningrida and Djarindjin to guilt them into getting the jab for the “benefit of their community.” One leader from the Waka Waka tribe was coerced into getting the Pfizer vaccine. Tragically, he died just six days later, his death sending shock waves through the indigenous community.

65-year-old Wakka Wakka tribe elder, Bevan Costello, was encouraged to get the Pfizer vaccine, being told that he would be doing the right thing for his community. Costello received his first covid shot in August and later received his second dose of the Pfizer jab on September 9th at a pop-up event that was being promoted by ABC News. The tribe leader was interviewed by the network and said that many of his fellow Waka Waka tribe members were “hesitant” to get vaccinated because they did not understand the information and were “misled” by social media posts.

The Waka Waka aboriginal settlement is home to approximately 1,200 residents. As of September 9th, 2021, only 4.6% of the community were considered “fully vaccinated.” Costello was recruited to promote the vaccines, so that more of his tribe would do the same. In the interview with ABC, Costello said he had got his confidence back after he got the second jab, stating that the vaccine would protect him because he was diabetic. He was convinced that he would suffer if he contracted covid-19.

Just six days after Costello got his second shot, he suddenly passed away. The Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council posted on Facebook that the tribal leader underwent “sudden death.” ABC called the sudden death a heart attack, with no mention of the vaccine, which has been linked to damage to the cardiovascular system.

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