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Vaccines and Squalene

Today I was doing some research. I do quite a lot of my own research for example I researched parasites as I believed there were parasites in the jab and possibly in certain food and it was part of what they’re putting in the c19 jab. A few days later an article came out stating parasites has been found in the Pfizer jab. Why else would it need to be kept cold? I also believe that the parasites may be in some cold food products.
Anyway I only tell my family and close friends my findings. I’m not a scientist. I’ve worked in health and fitness for over 20 years. I’m currently a sports massage therapist who also does some physio and I’m learning herbalism so I don’t imagine many people would listen to me when they don’t listen to scientists and doctors.
Anyway, today I decided to have a look at what is in the flu jabs for this year. On public health England it says that as an adjuvant they use MC59C.1. This is for the over 65’s.  (I will try and attach the links if not to this email but to another or I’ll put it on VK as I follow your dad on there.)
Now MC59 is also known as squaline, which is shark liver oil. I also found that they’re using MC59 in covid 19 jabs or they intended to.
Back in 2001 an article was written in The Guardian paper, it referred to Gulf war syndrome. The claim was made that illegal vaccines were injected into British and American veterans.  What made the jabs illegal was a dangerous substance called squaline. It says that injecting squaline is illegal because it causes auto immune diseases in mice and rats.
Anyway,  I don’t know if you or your dad were aware of this and I didn’t know who else could be trusted with this information. I imagine it will be taken down.
Please let me know if you get this message as I’m aware my email isn’t “safe”.
Kind regards,
(Name supplied)

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