Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 1 October 2021

Playing into the Hands of the Real Terrorists Among Us

“No government wants their citizens to be well informed, for when the citizens are well informed and start thinking for themselves, governments will have nothing to do, hence the very concept of government will disappear from the face of earth. The very existence of government or state is predicated upon the stupidity of the citizens – the more stupid the masses, the more powerful the government.”

Abhijit Naskar, Boldly Comes Justice: Sentient Not Silent

Human nature, as it is called, is fickle at best, and when combined with indifference, a lack of understanding, or ignorance of the truth, it can be a deadly combination. That has never been more obvious than it is today in this totalitarian-based governing system that now runs rampant over society. In the midst of this dire situation, the people should have realized that by their own hand, and due to their voluntary obedience to the state bureaucratic cabal, they caused their own misery and loss of freedom.

This is not an easy pill for people to swallow, but swallow they must, in order to escape the chains that they have allowed to bind them. The saying that “The truth shall set you free,” is prescient, and rings true, especially when such an evil conspiracy such as we are embroiled in today is present. The difference this time, is that this plot is meant to result in the end game, where most all people will be able to be ruled as a slave class under the thumb of the real terrorists among us; the government, its controllers and partners, and all those among us that will do nothing to stop it.

Of course, the government and its police and military enforcers, its corporate sponsors in central banking, big tech, the mainstream media, and the medical and pharmaceutical industries, are today most all certainly terrorists, and deserve to be vilified at every turn, but are they the only problem? Governments for all of time have been corrupt, tyrannical, murderous, and aggressive seekers of power and control. This should be common knowledge, and even if blind ignorance gets in the way of understanding this reality, one has to come to that conclusion at some point in time.

Therefore, it is imperative to look at the real problems that face us, and lay blame where it belongs; on all those who refuse to stand up for their own lives and liberty, and in the process become co-conspirators with the state against the rest of us, whether intentionally or not. This includes much, if not most, of the compliant masses in this country. It is easy to excuse one’s behavior by pretending that going along is a ‘sacrifice’ for the so-called common good, but that is just pure communistic poppycock.

A huge part of this plot to gain total control is based on extreme manipulation, both mental and physical. This manipulation is achieved in great part by creating division amongst those being conditioned to be controlled, and never has it been more obvious or more successful than it has during this ‘virus pandemic’ scam. At this point in time, everyone is against everyone else, and that is exactly what the ‘master’ class seeks. What is very disheartening is that even liberty-minded people are going after each other, fighting and arguing at the margins about subtle differences of opinion, getting caught up in minutia, and in the process helping to advance the ‘Covid’ agenda. The result of this behavior is that those who actually believe in liberty are wasting time fighting each other instead of standing together against the state, all while the terror continues. The more division that is present, the easier it is for the state to not only win, but to control all.

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