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Broadway Cancels ‘Aladdin,’ Harvard Moves Classes Online, as Fully Fake-Vaccinated (‘Breakthrough’) ‘Covid’ Cases Surge

As the U.S. government mandates COVID vaccines for millions of Americans, and U.S. health agencies — against the recommendations of their vaccine advisory committees — authorize a third booster dose for “high-risk” workers, COVID cases continue to rise among fully vaccinated people.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show as of Sept. 20, 19,136 patients were hospitalized or died despite being fully vaccinated –– a number the agency acknowledges is an undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons. As of May 1, the CDC only tracks breakthrough cases of people that are admitted to the hospital or die.

According to the CDC, a vaccine breakthrough case occurs when someone tests positive for COVIDat least 14 days after they have been fully vaccinated. In addition, the CDC’s website states people with vaccine breakthrough infections may spread the virus and infect others.

Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ canceled

A Broadway performance of Disney’s “Aladdin” was canceled Wednesday due to COVID breakthrough cases within the company, producers said — just one night after the show had resumed for the first time since the pandemic shut-down.

“Through our rigorous testing protocols, breakthrough COVID-19 cases have been detected within the company of Aladdin at The New Amsterdam Theatre,” Aladdin the Musical Twitter account tweeted Wednesday. “We will continue to provide support to the affected Aladdin company members as they recover.”

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