Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 September 2021

Popular fruit and vegetables covered in a ‘cocktail of pesticides’, study finds

Some of the UK ’s most popular fruit and vegetables are covered in more than 100 pesticides, according to new research .

Every year, the UK government tests samples of food and drink for traces of pesticide residues.

The latest report , analysed by Pesticide Action Network (PAN), has found that grapes (both dried and fresh), oranges and herbs contain the highest amount of pesticides.

Other items making the list of the 12 most polluted products, being dubbed “the dirty dozen”, include pears, beans (dried and fresh), okra, lettuce, carrots and mango.

These foods contained traces of a total of 122 different pesticides.

Researchers found that 80 per cent of grapes, herbs and oranges tested contained more than one pesticide and just one-kilogram sample of sultanas contained 25 different chemicals.

Of the 122 chemicals identified, 61 per cent are classed as “ highly hazardous ” by the UN, PAN said. Additionally, 47 have links to cancer and 15 contain “reproduction or developmental toxins” that can have an adverse effect on sexual function and fertility.

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