Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 September 2021

One person’s experience of ‘Covid’ diagnosis and the fascist ‘Biden’ (Cult) campaign to force the fake vaccine on everyone

Hello Gareth,
I’ve been following your dad for years and have all his books.  I’m three-quarters of the way through PERCEPTIONS OF A RENEGADE MIND now.  Another wonderful, enlightening book.  The reason I’m writing you is to share the following vaccine information with your dad.
I sent a prepared email to The White House from a health freedom website denouncing mandatory vaccines.  I received an emailed response from Pres. Biden a few days later.  The wording in these two paragraphs concerned me deeply, as I am sure they will you, too.  Notice the terms “war-time effort” and “Surge Response teams” and constant mention of “the unvaccinated”:
“That is why the next phase of our war-time effort against COVID-19 is to get unvaccinated Americans vaccinated. We are going neighborhood by neighborhood to help answer questions and administer shots where people are. We are sending more vaccine doses to family doctors and local pharmacies so people can get vaccinated by health care providers they know and trust. Businesses are offering vaccinations at work places and providing paid time off to make it more convenient. We are also deploying more mobile vaccination units at special events this summer, like festivals, concerts, and sporting events.
In addition, we are stepping up our preparations to respond to the outbreaks we are seeing among the unvaccinated. We are mobilizing COVID-19 Surge Response teams comprised of experts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and elsewhere across our government. They will help states prevent, detect, and respond to the spread of the virus among unvaccinated people in communities with low vaccination rates.”

I am a 73-year-old woman who got what they said was Covid-19 and pneumonia. I was hospitalized for 8 days,  thankfully, not in the ICU or on a ventilator (or I probably wouldn’t be writing this now). Interestingly, many of the nurses and doctors I talked with at the hospital said that they were seeing a lot of cases of vaccinated people being admitted with Covid.  I had a fever, cough and felt totally drained and exhausted. I went to the clinic and the doctor examined me and listed bronchitis as the diagnosis.  It was mandatory they test me for Covid. She did the nose swab and next day informed me I tested positive for Covid.  I wasn’t getting any better, so my husband took me to the emergency room at the local hospital.  They did a chest x-ray which revealed pneumonia.  I know that if bronchitis is not treated right away it can develop into pneumonia, which I believe was the case with me. I am still on supplemental oxygen as a result of the pneumonia.  I will not get the so-called vaccine because I know that it’s unproven and dangerous.  Every doctor I have seen for follow-up has pushed the vaccine.  I continue to say no. I will not comply with this lunacy.

Thank you for your time.  Keep up the great work with Ickonic Alternative Media.
Best regards to your dad and you.
(Name supplied)

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