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Makita Combi Drill Set: the best power tool for professionals

Whether you are a beginner master or an experienced repairer, if you live in the UK (and not only there), you should have heard about Makita and saw their blue and black instruments. The company is one of the biggest producers and sellers of different power tools for house maintenance and repairs. One of the first instruments that every master must buy is a Makita combi drill set. It is a universal kit for most repair works. However, you may be confused by a great assortment of available kits. So, let’s try to identify what you need: Makita brushless combi drill set or an updated option like a Makita 18v combi drill set.

Type of a Makita Combi Drill Set

There are two options that differ by power suit for ordinary users. 

  • 12 V. Such tools will suit the needs of a common home master because they are powerful and useful enough for such works as installing a shelf or tightening up a door.  
  • 18 V. These instruments are good for ambitious repairing and suit for needs of professional masters. In addition, you should know that Makita’s 18v tools have the fastest charging duration in the world!

Also, there are three main categories of drills manufactured by Makita: driver, hammer, and impact. They differ a lot by functions, and you need to verify before purchasing how often you plan to use the tool, what the general purpose of the use is, and what the main material to deal with would be. No matter what kind of drill you choose, we kindly recommend you buying a Makita combi drill set brushless because this option is safer, more convenient, efficient, and lightweight. Brushless motors are trendy newcomers with various benefits. 

Finally, you must know that the most preferable place to buy any of Makita drills in the UK is the UK Planet Tools shop!


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