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6 of the Strangest Employment Laws in the United States

Laws are not always normal, to say the least. This applies to any specific niche, especially to the employment sector. After all, employment is one of the more sensitive parts of the law, especially in recent years.

For example, a professional Orlando employment attorney will know that if their client is involved in the production of maple syrup, then they are exempt from the overtime laws. Knowing the following laws will help both you and your lawyer better manage your case if you have one. 

Kentucky and Smoking

If you’re being discriminated against over whether you smoke or not while trying to get hired in Kentucky, then you have the right to sue your potential employer.

That’s right, Kentucky has employment laws that forbid… discrimination based on your preferences when it comes to smoking!

Overtime Laws

As mentioned above, if you are involved in the production of maple syrup, you and your colleagues are exempt from overtime laws. But not only that!

Those that buy eggs, poultry, cream, milk, and other natural/raw products outdoors are also exempt from overtime laws. 

Discrimination Based on Marital Status and Affiliation

Depending on the type of employee that you are, you have the right to sue your employer if you are discriminated against based on your marital status or political affiliation. For example, this applies when you hear your boss that they prefer single employees much more and don’t like married people working for them

Ohio Lawyers and Non-Competes

According to Ohio laws, lawyers don’t have the right to encourage or have people sign agreements/contracts that would prevent other lawyers from doing their job – practice law. In short and broad terms, Ohio has no non-compete contracts/ agreements.

Terminating Bankrupt Employees

According to the Bankruptcy Act, an employer is not allowed to fire an employee just because they file for bankruptcy. However, it is worth mentioning that one can still be discriminated against based on this when they’re looking for a job. 

Performance Evaluations in Virginia

No one likes performance evaluations, especially when they’re made with the purpose of shaming a certain employee. Believe it or not, this happens a lot nowadays!

Well, employees in Virginia that are subject to such evaluations can potentially sue their employer for defamation. This applies as long as false statements with a malicious purpose are made during the evaluation. 

The Bottom Line

Even though strange, most of the laws mentioned above actually help people that might find themselves in uncomfortable circumstances. For example, two rude colleagues that have something personal against you might cause a performance evaluation with the purpose of getting you fired. Not many countries in the world have laws to protect people from this.

Therefore, as strange as they may be, these laws come with a purpose. Some protect employees, some protect employers, but all of them contribute to a better-working employment system. Basically, they contribute to a system that we can trust to keep us safe and sound while trying to make a living!

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