Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 September 2021

Sarra Tekola who harassed two white students for sitting in a designated ‘multicultural space’ (it wasn’t) is a ‘co-minister of activism’ for Cult-created Black Lives Matter and a fellow of the Cult-owned Ford Foundation pushing the BLM racial divide agenda

‘Sarra’s attack on two white male students, who were studying in what she claimed was the University’s Multicultural Center went viral on TikTok, bring the graduate student’s anti-American activity into sharp focus. 
According to AZ Free News, “The room in question was the ASU Tempe Campus’s Student Success Center in the Student Pavilion, room 321. It has not officially been designated as a multicultural center – ASU says that efforts for such a center are underway, but the university hasn’t indicated where or when the center will be established.”

Yet, Sarra, an awardee of the distinguished Ford Foundation Fellowship, demanded the two young male students leave her space. Sarra, the co-minister of activism for Black Lives Matter (BLM) Phoenix Metro, was arrested last October and charged with obstructing a public thoroughfare, hindering prosecution, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and aggravated assault on a police officer. She and another member of the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition (MSC), took offense at a bumper sticker one of the young men had on his computer that read, “Blue Lives Matter.”

Sarra and her fellow female MSC member told the two young men students to leave the room and “shut the fuck up” repeatedly. The accuse the young students of promoting murderers and white supremacy by supporting police. The two women claim that white people did not have a culture and therefore could not remain in the “multicultural” space.

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