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Oregon Senators call for CDC and FDA inquiry

Two republican state Senators filed a formal grand jury petition, calling for an investigation into the CDC and FDA for their handling of the pandemic.

Klamath County Senator Dennis Linthicum and Senator Kim Thatcher filed the petition back in August, but delayed publicly releasing it to “protect those involved.” Senator Linthicum said he wants to hold the CDC accountable for changing the way death certificates were recorded in March 2020, among other claims.

This all according to a paper published in the ‘Science, Public Health Policy and the Law’ Journal. The senators believe this change led to inflated death numbers.

However, according to, the paper is “based on a flawed report whose authors also have penned related claims for an anti-vaccination organization.” The website said the CDC hasn’t altered how death certificates for COVID-19 are filled out, and there is no federal law governing that process.

“We would like an investigation, how is it that a CDC can violate federal law, but a water user in Medford will get thrown in jail for building a pond for quote a violation of federal law,” said Senator Linthicum. He said this isn’t a political move. 

He said he wants the grand jury to look into the claims, and find the truth.

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