Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 25 September 2021

Gender Affirming Surgery is Genital Mutilation, and its Disturbing Origins Proves it Leads to Depression & Suicide

Science proves homo-sapiens are dimophic (male/female) (1). The exception is being a hermaphrodite (intersex) (2). With mental illness being very high in Canada (3, 4), suicide and depression rates are much higher among transgenders. In Ontario, kids who can barely read and write are encouraged to consider changing their sex. Is this not child abuse, why are children being subject to psychological manipulation?

Labeling those with religious or traditionalist views as transphobic just because they’re not onboard the broad-spectrum gender biology bandwagon (which is far from unanimous in the scientific community) is the real discrimination. Some scientists are atheist while others don’t believe in evolution, should they be penalized for having implicit bias?

Transgender Operations Create Violent Depressed People

Dr. John Money, a pediatrician and psychologist who specialized in hermaphrodites (intersex), opened a clinic at Johns Hopkins in 1951 and offered treatments for people with sexual disorders. Born in Manitoba, Canada, Bruce Reimer had his penis nearly burned off as a boy during circumcision treatment for his phimosis. His concerned parents brought him to Dr. Money who suggested to remove what remained of David’s penis, and to raise him as a girl since it was easier to create a vagina. 

Money theorized sexuality was caused by social learning during childhood. He is credited for creating “gender” in the modern sense, making it controllable, altering “sexual perversions” to ‘sexual paraphilias’, and “sexual preference” to ‘sexual orientation”. Money removed the rest of David’s penis and called him “Brenda”. He had him get down on all fours and had his twin brother, Brian, perform sexual thrusting motions behind him (5). Money also had “Brenda” lie down naked with his nude brother on top of him and photographed it. 

Both twins complained of sexual abuse during treatment, but the experiment was declared a success by Money, as he stated, “the child’s behavior is so clearly that of an active little girl and so different from the boyish ways of her twin brother.” He was given national awards and featured in Time magazine. 
However, the reality was “Brenda” hated visiting the doc. “She” would tear off “her” dress, beat up “her” brother, refused to play with dolls, and stole toy guns. “She” complained to “her” teachers of feeling like a boy and had no friends. Other boys teased “Brenda”, calling “her” “cavewoman”. “Brenda” had to urinate through a small surgically created hole in “her” abdomen, was on hormones, but ultimately it didn’t work.

Later, another psychologist suggested his parents tell the truth, and so they did. After reversing the damage with treatments, “Brenda” became David Reimer. David later met psychologist Dr. Milton Diamond, who revealed the truth of Money using David as an example to promote infant sex change operations. Diamond’s 1997 paper obliterated Money’s lie.

Both brothers were traumatized, Brian ended up dying from drug overdose. David worked odd jobs, got married, and adopted children. However, his wife later divorced him, and he ended up shooting himself in his car at a grocery store parking lot at the age of 38.

Gender Affirming Surgery is Genital Mutilation

Today, rather than wanting to help those who suffered from accidents and genetic defects, the medical profession, and apparently the naturopathic profession, prefers to further perpetuate the narcissism in transgenders with gender affirmation sex change operations (6). This violates the oath of do no harm.

Stating that transgenderism and affirming surgeries is good for people is akin to feminism advocating for career women despite the fact that the unhappiest profile is professional unmarried women in their 40s (doctors, lawyers, etc.) (7). I for one am not going to sit silent and be told that I need to “change my implicit bias”, and cater to the demands of politics and the mentally ill. Whether that offends others is not my concern.








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