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PCR Swabs Coated in Toxic Carcinogen, Bill Gates Linked to Nasal Cancer-Treating Drugs

PCR tests have become an integral part of modern society across the globe. Those who wish to participate in basic human actives are forced to submit to invasive probing. COVID ‘negative’ documentation is needed for air travel, doctor’s appointments and surgical procedures. Many employees are subjected to weekly or even daily testing. Most recipients don’t give this diagnostic technique a second thought yet each penetration could have long-term health implications.

China manufactures the vast majority of nasal swabs currently utilized. Each sealed package is labeled with the description sterile EO. These two unsuspecting letters are an acronym for ethylene oxide. Each pharmaceutical instrument is saturated in this chemical. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ethylene oxide is a dangerous carcinogen that can be very harmful to humans. Studies conducted by the International Agency for Cancer Research and the National Toxicology Program show a direct correlation between exposure to EO and serious illness. Acute inhalation results in an increased risk for lymphoma cancer, myeloma and leukemia. Children are particularly susceptible to its detrimental effects.

The compound is mutagenic and causes changes to DNA. Air contaminated with trace amounts of EO caused workers to suffer from vomiting, bronchitis and excess fluid accumulation in their lungs. Women experienced reproductive issues including miscarriages. Clinical observations of men recorded decreased sperm count, lower testicular weight and erectile degeneration. Further analysis from the EPA stated ethylene oxide causes malignant tumors. Animal trials concluded the sterilant creates various types of cancers. Department of Health and Human Services representatives state the synthetic gas can cause genome damage or cellular metabolic process disruption. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety officials declare it is a toxic substance that produces genetic defects.

Each time a person is tested, the swab is plunged deep into their nasal cavity. Materials present on the apparatus are absorbed directly into the body. Over time the toxin accumulates and may have dire consequences. Such a dangerously invasive procedure seems unnecessary considering 97% of all results are false positives and saliva samples are far more accurate for diagnostics. Perhaps the reason has nothing to do with a supposed pandemic and is merely about profit.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invested $40 million to Immunocore, a company that develops cancer-treating drugs. Their nonprofit also donated $11.4 million to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. This prestigious institution’s Department of Otolaryngology is renowned in the field of nose and paranasal cancers. Additional donations from Bill Gates can be linked to CORISCA, the world’s only prospective sinus cancer consortium.

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