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Freedom of Information requests reveal the UK Medicine Regulator never inspected the Pfizer ‘Covid-19’ fake vaccine trial data before giving emergency use authorisation

As populations around the world face coercion to submit to COVID-19 gene-based ‘vaccination’, including being locked out of employment and medical care, while reports of deaths following vaccination soar, a scandal regarding the legitimacy of COVID vaccine authorisation processes is unfolding.

Following the exclusive revelation that a Freedom of Information request to the Australian drugs regulator (the Therapeutic Goods Administration or TGA) approved the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine in record time, yet never sighted Pfizer’s patient-level data (IPD), another regulatory scandal is breaking.

By Doctors for Covid Ethics

Basic questions were asked of the TGA regarding their probity in performing their most fundamental task: validating clinical trial data submitted by Pfizer. Instead of verifying the data, the TGA simply rubber stamped the Pfizer vaccine, accepting on face value Pfizer’s misleading claim that their product showed “95% efficacy to prevent COVID-19 infection”.

Since then, worldwide data, particularly in the UK and Israel (but also in smaller countries such as Iceland and Gibraltar where vaccination rates approach 100% yet cases are still rising), have shown disappointing real world effectiveness, in contrast to Pfizer’s claims. Given Pfizer’s legal history of healthcare fraud it was imperative that the drug regulators verify the drug manufacturers’ submission data prior to COVID vaccine approval.

The TGA failed to do so, but what about the other drug regulator held in high regard around the world – the UK’s MHRA?

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