Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 September 2021

Strictly’s intelligent unvaccinated pros would rather QUIT the show than receive the ‘Covid’ fake vaccine despite pressure from furious stars (uninformed idiots) and Cult-owned PM Boris Johnson

Strictly Come Dancing‘s unvaccinated pros are reportedly so opposed to receiving the Covid jab, they are willing to quit the show.

Sources claim that despite others pleading for them to reconsider, the dancers, who have not been named, are steadfast in their decision not to have the jab.

This year’s Strictly cast are furious to learn three of the professional dancers have refused the coronavirus vaccine with even Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying that ‘everyone should get their jabs.’

A source told The Sun that BBC bosses did not make it a mandatory requirement for this year’s Strictly stars to be vaccinated, despite similar policies being in place on other channels.

It’s thought that while none of the dancers are being forced to get the jab, their decision has sparked ‘upset’ behind the scenes.

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