Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 September 2021

Eve Fisher in Victoria: This is what happens when tyranny goes unchallenged

If the state of Victoria isn’t living under a dictatorship right now, then would someone kindly please explain what a dictatorship is then.
Let’s look at the dictionary first shall we: “Dictator: a ruler with total power, typically one who has obtained control by force.”
Now force doesn’t have to be with guns. Force is as simple as enacting emergency powers and shutting down parliament. It’s easy to do what you want when there is no one to scrutinise you.
And we aren’t just talking about the more than $1 billion in government contracts awarded without scrutiny in the past year, or the billions spent on the COVID response, as reported last week.
Matthew Guy just spilled the opposition leadership so he’s now back in the hot seat, with nothing to do but cool his heels until Chairman Dan actually re-opens parliament.
Mean time, we woke up yesterday to learn that because a bunch of tradies protested the mandating of vaccinations for construction workers the previous day, the entire industry has been shut down for two weeks.
Of course the official rhetoric is that the industry continues to report an increase in infections. Anyone with half a brain in their head knows it’s punishment for the violence that broke out during the protests.
This has nothing to do with infections. This has everything to do with forcing an industry to its knees.
Violence is never acceptable. Neither is a union happily bending to the will of the government. Unions are there to protect workers, yet CFMEU happily showed their hand by going along with government vaccination mandates without actually checking in with the workers themselves.
The Building Industry Group of Unions – which represents 70,000 workers,  couldn’t have backtracked quickly enough, releasing a statement saying it never supported mandatory jabbing.
Not only was that an utter load of bollocks, it was too little too late. The industry is closed, ostensibly until lockdowns lift in some areas but in reality, it could be far longer.
And let’s be honest. Most fear-driven, cash-strapped Victorians will just happily sit there, nodding sagely and responding with “but the virus, but the virus”. It’s sickening.
When will you see the writing on the wall?
When will you see that Dan and his socialist cronies plan to crush this state, one industry at a time. Interesting that it takes so much pressure to drive up vax rates.
Even more interesting when you look at the Australian Immunisation Handbook that expressly states consent to vaccinations must be given “in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation”.
Mandating and industry shutdowns smack of coercion to me.
Let’s not forget that this week Melbourne took the title as most locked down city in the world. Such an impressive accolade. Everyone should be proud.
Another exciting thing to note is the modelling coming out of the University of Melbourne this week that suggests even with 80 per cent jab rates we will still need to endure lockdowns for at least the first half of next year.
Is there anyone out there wondering why the whole of Europe can open up, yet Australia continues to live in the dark ages?
Is there a danger of those snivelling journalists at the daily pressers asking a single question of worth? Doubtful.
You’ve only got to look at what happened to Channel 7 journalist Denham Hitchcock. He was forced by bosses to re-edit his video detailing his experience with pericarditis from the Pfizer jab. He was advised to remove his editorialising and “to make the video more balanced and in line with public responsibility”.
Right, so let’s put public responsibility before the truth.
Sounds like good journalism to me.


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