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Blueprint letter for parents to send to schools over the fake vaccination of their children

Dear [name]


Following the Government announcement that children between the ages of 12 and 15 will be vaccinated on school premises starting from next Wednesday, I feel it is necessary to seek clarity on the practical aspects of roll-out as it affects my daughters.

My letter is not intended to harass, intimidate, or offend in any way. It is only intended to seek clarity on a few important questions concerning health and safety, and on liability should something go wrong. We know there have been some adverse reactions (however rare these might be) as recorded by the UK’s Yellow Card Adverse Drug Reaction system.

The Covid-19 vaccine is still in experimental trials, as I understand it (checking through the Pfizer documentation). Of additional concern, there is – as yet – no long-term safety data. Normally, vaccines take some 5-10 years in testing and to come to market.

Furthermore, the Pfizer vaccine on offer in the UK is still under an Emergency Use Authorisation from the UK Medical Healthcare Regulatory Agency; this means that the vaccine manufacturer is free of liability should any injury, adverse reaction or death occur.

Given that the manufacturer cannot be prosecuted for injury/death of a child, liability must therefore reside elsewhere – potentially with those involved in the actual rollout of this programme.

I would be grateful if you would kindly help me understand the following concerns I have:

Health & Safety related issues requiring your urgent consideration and response

  1. a)  Emergency Injury or Death: What are the School’s procedures for getting a child to hospital quickly if they are injured/die during Covid-19 vaccination?
  2. b)  Emergency First Aiders: Who will be the first aiders and what are their qualifications and competency for delivering Emergency First Aid; e.g. resuscitation following seizure or other serious adverse reactions which could occur directly after vaccination, or in the days/weeks ahead, in the classroom?

Download Copy Here: School enquiry Letter re onsite vaccination


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