Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 20 September 2021

Universities FORCING “vaccination” on their students, faculties and staff are functioning more like death camps than like schools

For that’s what “mandating” injection really is: coercion is coercion, whether it’s SWAT teams in hazmat suits pinning people down and sticking needles in them (has this yet happened anywhere?), or—the Nazi way—gradually making life impossible for those who won’t comply; and that’s the last thing any proper school should do. 

And yet “higher education” in the West is doing precisely that, in Oceanic violation of those heroic Latin mottoes that colleges and universities still use as quaint signs of their high academic purpose (having not yet canceled them, since Latin is exclusionary, and ancient Rome was probably transphobic). Lending gravitas to schools engaging in forced “vaccination”with experimental sera known already to have killed or gravely injured tens of thousands of unwitting subjects, those lofty Latin phrases now evince the same sadistic irony that we associate with, say, Arbeit macht frei (“Work sets you free”), the iron promise cruelly stamped atop the gates of Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps, or the no-less-inapt etching of John 8:32—”And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”—in the lobby of the Original Headquarters Building of the CIA, the planet’s foremost factory of Big Lies.

Today, in this nation Under Covid, the CIA’s bold seizure of “the truth” seems no more outrageous than, say, Harvard’s retention of its motto “Veritas” (“Truth”), or Yale’s, or Indiana University’s, “Lux et veritas” (“Light and truth”), or Northwestern’s “Quaecumque sunt vera” (“Whatever things are true”), or Johns Hopkins’ (pre-CIA) “Veritas vos Liberabit” (“The truth shall make you free”), or, to jump across our northern border to the University of Waterloo, “Concordia cum veritate” (“In harmony with truth”); or—as light symbolizes truth—the University of California’s “Fiat lux” (“Let there be light”), or Morehouse College’s “Et Facta Est Lux” (“And there was light”), or these noble (English) words above the main gate at the campus of Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia: “Enter by this gateway, and seek the way of honor, the light of truth, the will to work for men.” 

That fine summons, crafted in the genuinely scientific spirit of UVA’s (now largely canceled) founder, spells out the old humanistic creed that all those academic mottoes, and so many others, call to mind (or some minds): a creed exalting truth, the freedom to pursue it, and, explicitly or tacitly, the benefit of such free intellectual pursuit for all. 

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